Am I Gifted

“Deserve first what you desire in life”...this is the Law of Nature.

Gifted intellectual abilities or gifted creative aspirations of a person don’t happen merely by chance. The significance of these exceptional abilities lies underneath concrete action, the actions which lead to various scientific inventions and distinctive creative expressions. Ordinary intellectual capacity takes time to conceive the reason what God gifted ability is and why all are not blessed with such extraordinary abilities.

Am I Gifted
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Intellectual Giftedness or Creative Giftedness is an inherent quality which differs from the acquired skills. Acquired skills or acquired behavior is achieved by putting in an extra effort, while gifted intelligence is the intrinsic distinction which only few people are blessed with. Eventually as the study of human psychology developed, advanced research based on the intellectually gifted people and creatively gifted people gained prominence. Various scientific methods, to identify the inborn cerebral capacity of the God gifted people is extensively being carried out.

Are You Gifted? To comprehend the philosophy of ‘God Gifted’ one needs to raise himself/herself above the confinement of the present or current life. Have you ever thought why some people possess certain inborn talents that even science can not effectively explain? The Theory of Karma implies here. “The Law of Cause and Effect” is the reason behind one’s extraordinary Intellectual Giftedness or Creative Giftedness. We may not get the visible grounds to understand why some are God Gifted, because the reason behind one’s God gift may be traced through one’s immediate or past birth. One’s God Gift may be the result of his/her summation of the past births’ actions and performance.

“The Law of Cause and Effect”, the ultimate spiritual law forms the foundation of every religion in this world. Laws of Karma form the basis of Bhagvad Gita, the sacred book of the Hindus. Buddhism says “We create our own Heaven. We create our own Hell. We are the architects of our own fate.” while the Christian concept for the same is “You Reap What You Sow”.